Kristians Kažmers - photographer

Kristians Kažmers (born 26. september 1988) is a professional photographer from Riga, Latvia, who specialises mostly in musician, band photo sessions, concert, party and other event photography. In addition to music and event photography he also works in different genres of photography for example studio photo sessions, thematic and creative photosessions etc.

Right with enrolling in a photography school Kristians started photographing concerts and other music related events all around Riga. Gradually gaining knowledge and experience he started attending bigger and more notable events. After graduating from photography school started to work in a professional photography studio and learned photo editing and retouching skills in photoshop and video editing.

During the last few years has shot several hundreds of concerts, festivals, parties and other events gaining invaluable experience which now forms his vision and style as a photographer. "I believe that if I want to achieve significant success in life then I have to do the thing I love. And I really am doing just that. All difficulties, mistakes and lessons I've encountered ond the way had made me who I am. An ability to climb over obstacles and to evolve is a vital component of photographer's work and I always remember that when I encounter new difficulties."

Large part of the free time is spent with friends, attending concerts and events and also improving his knowledge and skills. Kristians is a big music fan with extremely diverse musical taste. For example, now some of his favorite and most listened artists include Guns N' Roses, ZZ Top, Airbourne, H.I.M., Ellie Goulding, MØ, Blackmill and others. Ever since childhood follows advancement of technology with great interest especially in photography and computers. In his free time also likes to read, especially motivational books and biographies of succesful and influental people. For example Steve Jobs biography (Walter Isaacson) and "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" (Robin Sharma.)



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