A new beginning

I've been thinking a lot lately about what and why I'm doing in photography. I've shot music events and bands for more than three years now and been through a lot of good and also not so good. There's been periods when I've gone to so many concerts that I lost count and also periods when I didn't go to a single event for months. And lately I've been feeling that's the case for last few months since I went to the Positivus festival. Shortly before summer with an encouragement of a friend I made a facebook page for my music photography and started to post my newest pictures there. But still I somehow felt it wasn't what I needed to do.

I had been working on my new webpage for months literally. Thinking and overthinking on every little detail. And mostly on things that are either very simple or don't make much difference at all. So a few weeks ago in one happy evening I finally decided to flip the page. To forget the past and start over from scratch. I moved my webpage from wordpress to squarespace, changed the design, rewrote all the text and did a complete update of my portfolio. Basically I wanted to make my website a central hub for all my content to which all my other profiles connects and leads to.

My decision was to remove most of the older photos and replace them with newer ones because I think I've improved and grown a lot in the last year and my photography shows it. So I thought it's better to not include most of my older photos only with a couple of exceptions of some bigger bands and artists photos that I think are good enough and worth including in my portfolio. My skills as a photographer has obviously improved as well as editing and I it was most obvious to me when I found some photos on my computer that I hadn't edited yet. They were from a Mastodon concert two years ago in Palladium Riga concert hall. So I sat down and edited them and to my surprise they turned out better than I expected considering the level I was at the time I shot them. So yes- the morale is that I can still make older photos work well but I still prefer to post the newer ones.

If you've read this so far then most likely you somehow know me or you care and think that what I do is worthwhile your attention. Or you have too much free time. But anyway thanks for reading I really appreciate that! From this point on I'll be posting more content here and on all my other channels. More blog posts, photos and videos as well will be coming soon. Stay tuned and have a good day/night!