Something from Spotify

I've been on Spotify for about a year and half now but never actually made a public playlist until now. I've been using it for browsing and listening to music just for myself. But several weeks ago I thought I'd like to create a public playlist. Something I'd really like to listen to myself and also for like minded people. Just put it up and see what happens. So one evening I just created a new playlist and decided to start with one song and continue with whatever I feel would fit the mood.

So randomly I somehow felt that I'd like to listen to Billy Idol. Hadn't been listening to him for a while so I did. And of course the first song that comes to mind regarding him is Rebel Yell. So yes.. that's the first one on the list. the next one is also pretty characteristic to this playlist because it shows that there are newer as well as older songs in it. The oldest one there is Creedence Clearwater Revival's Fortunate Son being released in 1969. The newest one is 2010 or something. So basically there's 40 year gap which is interesting to me. I think it's better than just 80's, 90's or just one type of metal etc. A little variety makes me happy.

There's not a lot of diversity in genres though. Rock, metal and that's basically it. But that's what I felt like listening to that evening so that's fine by me. I actually listen to a lot of different music, it's not just rock and metal only. I don't restrict myself when it comes to music. At least  not anymore. I used to do so but now it just seems really silly to imprison myself into prejudice and strictly limit what I listen and what I don't listen to. Several years ago it was like that for me. I had something like unwritten rules about what is good and what is bad music. Seems so stupid now. But I might talk about it some other time.

So this is just a small playlist from music I like to listen to. If you like it you can follow me on Spotify and I'll be making more playlists soon. So turn up the volume and have a good night/day!