Dzelzs Vilks @ Rokkafejnīca + Flame And The Rolltones

Here's one that I haven't shot for a long time. Could be a year or even more but still.. when I saw that Dzelzs VIlks will be playing in Rokkafejnīca this december I immediately knew that I'm going. No options. In fact I was kinda excited in a way that I didn't even notice the date in the banner and almost went there the week before. Well mistakes happen. And I've made lots of diffirent mistakes of a huge variety on my way so this one although a bit silly at first didn't even care at all later.

So the first thing I knew for sure that there will be a lot of people there. It's Dzelzs Vilks after all right. So for me that means I won't really be able to take up the best spot - right in the very front of the stage. That's usually a bad thing but here.. I'm not sure if it's actually possible to go to a Dzelzs Vilks concert and not take at least one great photo. And for a change the concert started on time which doesn't happen very often in smaller venues which was nice.

As for the concert - if you have been to their concert you should know what to expect. In a good way. No big surprises there. If you haven't - just go and see for yourself!  I've been to a handful of their concerts and this was a good one. I'd say a good and rock solid show.

After their show and two "One more, One more!" later was the party time. Flame & The Rolltones on stage with a few songs of their album Road Trip and some covers for all the partypeople to sing and dance along.

Enjoy the photos and until the next time! Take care!