4 Bloody Heels

This was an important date and kind of a turning point for the band. For one - 4th anninversary of the band. And also the first concert as a four piece and without Sheen on guitar. I can't recall how many times I've photographed them live so far but I can say for sure that these guys have on stage chemistry and presence that a lot of bands can only dream about. And to be honest I was a little worried about hearing them parting ways with a fifth of their heels.

So according to science cutting the amount of guitarists in half means doubling the responsibilities of the one that remains. Right? RIght! But does it mean that the performance will suffer? I'd say no.  Yes stagefright bites but Harry on guitars showed us he can handle it like nobody's business. Seriously.. their music is what I would call heavily guitar driven with lots of very pronounced and accentuated guitar riffs and passages. Ones that are usually performed by two guitarists. But yeah. Shreds like a boss! Can't say much more here other than cannot wait to see them live next time.

So I had these photos lying around for a while on my pc.  Way too long actually. I have been making a lot of my concert photos black & white lately but not this time. The lights were great this time, so much that I even considered leaving them all in color but then I gave in and made some b&w.  Less than I actually do. And a little less photos overall than I usually do. Well long gone are the days when I returned 100+ photos from every concert but still this is less than usual.

Those old days were fun though. Hundreds and hundreds of photos and no F clue what to do with them. It was all about doing what I love and just having fun. And I still do! Just a little more thought and common sense goes into it. 

Take care, do what you love and love what you do! Until the next time!