Them Bloody Heels

So where should I start.. I hadn't been to a concert for 3 months since this one and that equals eternity in my crazy little world so obviously I had certain expectations.. Now here's the thing though. I was kinda expecting to feel a little rusty or insecure about myself, my skills and approach and so on. But I didn't.

The thing that probably surprised me the most was that I took like only half of the amount of the photos that I usually do. But still I felt very well about the result that I'd achieved. For example compared to the last gig I shot in december I really like these photos a lot better. Plus I took a video on the side which was refreshing. So I feel like I'm kinda slowly getting back on my path. And it's so great. I really wish you to find something that you love doing as much as I love shooting concerts! Then you'll be one happy person. This calls for a song! See you next time, bye!