Better late than never

So I was in the rockcafe (Latvijas 1. Rokkafejnīca.) Two long weeks ago. And even though I like to take my time with editing my photos I'm usually not so slow. So sorry for that! I'll try to leave this habit for the past. I usually like to start editing in the next evening or so because I think starting it right away doesn't let you to be critical enough with your photos and make some not so very good decisions. For example I've done that several times in the past when I edited the photos right after coming home and let some technically flawed photos through the net just because I felt some emotional attachment to them or put up a technically perfect photo but that's as interesting to look at as a brick wall.

But looking from the bright side this delay let me to look at these photos from a very good perspective. Not even one single time I've felt regret of making myself delete a bad or not so good photo for whatever reason. So the conclusion? Two weeks is definately too much. I'd say several days next time. 

Thank you for stopping by! Best regards, Kristians