Positivus 2015 Day 3 review + Gallery

The third day brought yet another surprise which was Elliphant performance on Nordea stage. I knew her only from the collaboration which she did with MØ who was a real favorite of mine from last year's Positivus. It turned out that I liked her much more than I previously thought. The spot wasn't really favorable though at 14:15 but she carried it out like she was headlining the festival.

After that we went to an interview with Public Access T.V. which as they joked turned out to be nothing like public access tv. They choose what they want to do and play and they do it very well. There was no rockstar attitude at all though, just four cool guys that plays music.

Third day on the main stage was opened by Fenech Soler - an electropop band from England. And a good one I'm gonna add. A word electropop probably raises a lot of eyebrows but that's not the case here. Just a great performance from them and very easy to dance to. A great way o open the third festival day on the main stage.

Next on Nordea stage was Public Access T.V. that we saw before in the media tent. Being formed only in 2014 they performed very well and looked way more experienced than they are. I definately couldn't tell that they are playing together for only a year.

The next one was probably what I would call the most colourful performance this year. Whatever you listen to everyday, with Basement Jaxx it's really hard to not start moving with the rythm of their music. Seeing them live is one of those things that I was not looking forward to but I'm glad thad I did. The saturated combination of their music plus their outfits, lighting and stage antics was quite a sight to see. I'd say the ultimate dance party of this year's Positivus happened right there.

After a couple of conferences and meet and greet's I went to see Indiana on Nordea stage. It was her first festival performance in europe and she was obviously very excited about it. With her unique voice, compositions and genuienly nice and likable personality she captured her audience until the very last song. She was also one of my favorite discoveries in Positivus this year and I'm pretty sure she will return and possibly on a bigger stage.

The second before last on Lattelecom stage was St. Vincent. Although not as extraordinary and unusual as some of her music videos, her performance was great and didn't leave any doubt about her confidence on stage. Just overall a very solid performance.

The last concert on Nordea stage was in my opinion a perfect close to the festival on that stage and at the same time warm up for the grand final  This four piece rock band from California didn't get the biggest crowd ever but it seemed like they could handle it without breaking a sweat. Their show just screams Rock And Roll in their own unique way and puts a smile on your face. They are born for performing on stage.

The last but definately not the least to step on stage this year was none other than Robert Plant. Receiving a message "No photos allowed" just before the concert was a real dissapointment for me but from the other side I thought that I'll be able to enjoy the concert even more. And oh boy I did! Seeing such a legend in front of you and hearing these songs is a really extraordinary feeling. The thing that surprised me the most was not Robert's performance. It was great as expected. The surprise for me was the arrangement of his songs and the way he performs them live nowadays. It's not just a case of blandly playing them just like Led Zeppelin did. But instead The Sensational Space Shifters add their unique layer of sound on top of it. So much that at times you almost miss what song it is until they're a minute into it. But it's all good. It sounded fantastic and I'm glad they're doing  this way.