The Good The Bad And The Heavy

The Good The Bad And The Heavy is the third studio album by Rebel Riot. Being a proud owner of a copy of their first album I immediately knew I have to go see them. For some reason I don't have the second one though.

The first band playing was Pūķa Gars. Lots of new songs and maybe not so new. I just thought like they could have played one or two of their more well known songs. It kind of felt a little weird. Or maybe it was just me.

The second band was a really good surprise to me. Social Stain - heavy rock 'n' roll band from Helsinki Finland. Liked them so much that I listened to the all day long next day. Mighty good and simple in your face pedal to the metal rock 'n' roll. Highly recommended!

If you're latvian and into heavy and rock music then Rebel Riot probably is not new to you. If they are though, check them out on youtube, spotify or wherever else you might find them. I first saw them live in 2009 I think. Only then they were called Rebel Yell. Glad they changed the name. But if seriously I'm happy to see and hear their growth since the early days.