Bloody Heels - All Of My Love (music photography video)

A couple of days I released a new music photography video on my Youtube channel. It was all about an amazing and in my opinion underrated swedish metal band called Lechery. I took the photos in that video when they were playing Nabaklab in 3rd of may 2014 and in 1st of march 2013.

Now this video is a bit unique. It happens to be the 10th video on my Youtube channel and also 2nd with photos from a Bloody Heels concert. So ten videos.. they had taken quite some time to make obviously but it's well worth the effort. At the beginning I had some doubt of course. As with everything but I seem to really enjoy making them more and more and I'm determined to carry on. I love what I do and I'm not stopping anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your journey too! See you soon!

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